A Folding Exercise Bike You Will Love

A folding exercise bike is great for both home use and work. A folding stationary bike allows you to appreciate the advantages of a powerful cardiovascular and strength workout in your own home. Switch from an upright, high-intensity cardio machine, to a low-impact, lower-cost recumbent bicycle. The large padded backrest provides maximum comfort.

When not in use, a folding upright bike can be folded and stored under your bed, in a closet, or even in a storage room closet. They are easy to bring up to the counter if needed or store under the bed if desired. On a sunny day, you can use it as a stationary bike, instead of wasting valuable floor space by cycling in the driveway or in the gym. The large LCD display shows your actual miles traveled, calories burned, speed, time, heart rate, and distance.

A front wheel drive folding exercise bike is easy to transport and fold for storage or travel. The bike handles much like a regular bicycle, with pedals made to roll forward or lock in place when not in use. You can get this type of bike in either a quiet or noisy version, without losing the performance benefits of a quiet bike.

Some of the folding exercise bikes come with large storage areas underneath, perfect for storing other workout gear or other items that might be clutter-inducing. Some come with special shelving for helmets, cycling shorts, etc. Others are simply large enough to hold a workout mat or towel, making it easy storage for a small house or apartment.

The big advantage of using a folding exercise bike is that you can take it anywhere. Unlike a traditional bike that requires a dedicated space for storage, an indoor folding recumbent bike folds up small enough to fit into a suitcase or back pocket. It also takes up very little space, even for a single person. You don't need a garage or extra room for a home outdoor cycling workout. If you travel often, it's easy to bring your folding bike on the plane with you. For those who don't want to take up valuable space in their homes, the recumbent bike is a great choice.

Most models of folding exercise bikes have two or three different workout programs, allowing you to change according to your fitness level. You can set your bike up to target your legs, hips, arms, upper body, lower body, feet, and cardio. Some models even feature adjustable magnetic resistance, so you can vary the intensity of each of the workout programs. This way, you're always getting a good cardio workout with high-end strength training.