A Quick Guide to Seasonal HVAC Maintenance in Manchester

Whether you're in the middle of winter or the sweltering heat of summer, you need a well-functioning HVAC system to be comfortable indoors. A proper HVAC maintenance schedule can help you reduce energy use by 10 to 20 percent regardless of the weather outside. For HVAC maintenance service, you can check this site – www.fletchersengineering.co.uk/offsite-hvac-build/.

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Here is a quick guide to seasonal HVAC maintenance.

A preseason HVAC inspection can help you find rust, leaks, and corroded electrical connections in your unit that can cause major equipment damage if not repaired promptly. It is wise to schedule your seasonal maintenance just in advance of peak service call times, as HVAC specialists tend to be quite busy when summer temperatures are consistently high or freezing weather occurs

It should be noted that tasks such as checking refrigerant leaks and changing air filters need to be done several times a year, but some tasks only need to be done seasonally. During the summer, turn off the water supply to the humidifier and keep the area clean around your air conditioner. 

Air conditioning maintenance procedures may include:

  • Checking system controls
  • Inspecting and cleaning coils
  • Tightening electrical connections
  • Making sure all the moving parts are lubricated

Taking proper care of your HVAC system and all of its components will extend its life significantly. Regardless of the weather, your HVAC system should meet all of your desired indoor temperature preferences.