All About Bollywood Music

Indian cinema was not born in one place but in several places. All other countries in all Indian states, Hollywood in Hyderabad for Telugu cinema, Hollywood in Chennai for Tamul theatre, 

Bollywood in Mumbai for Hindi cinema or Sandal in Karnatka for cinema in Canada, many more, each with its cinema and music industry alone. The treasure trove and greatness of Indian theatre is its diversity. You can read our more articles to know the top 10 major music labels in India

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Always in front of Indian society, music production has always advanced in a different style in its modern story, following western culture, but always with its own flavour. Like America & Europe in the 1950s, India felt like a corner, a superstar singer who reproduced songs in films such as  Mohamed Raffi or Kishore Kumar.

Their voices are becoming more famous than most actors and are closely related to cinema. A new style trying to find its target in the Indian music market, without much success, but still in sight. Rock'n'Roll was inspired by the legendary Indian singer Bhoot Bangla Elvis.

The "psychedelic priest" in the late 1960s was born in India and was influenced by traditional Indian spiritual music and sitar masters such as Ravi Shankar. The hippie waves that swept India at the time were discovered through these new sounds and fundamentally changed 70s pop culture, especially after the Beatles' trip to Rishikesh Ashram, where they made their famous White album.