All About Expired Vehicle Registration

Every Florida resident who drives a motor vehicle must have insurance and vehicle registration. The owner of a motor vehicle must renew the registration each year. It is due on his birthday. 

It is not a crime to not renew your registration within six months. However, if you make a habit of not renewing your registration, you could face criminal charges. An experienced attorney is a good option to help you defend against charges of driving with an expired tag.

To renew your expired automobile registration, you can also look for online services.

Florida Car Titles -- Everything You Want to Know

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Procedures to renew your vehicle registration-

Motor vehicle owners must renew their car registrations annually. The registration will be considered expired if the renewal fee and documentation have not been received by midnight on the owner’s birthday. 

Failure to comply with this deadline will result in you being charged late fees as the owner of the vehicle. You could also face fines if your expired registration is discovered and you are pulled over by the police.

The length of your registration's validity will determine the type of penalty you might face. Driving with a registration that is less than six months old will generally result in a non-criminal offense. You are not subject to criminal charges if your registration is not renewed for at least six months.

Registering expired for less than six months-

You can be charged with a noncriminal traffic offense if your registration is not renewed for more than six months.