All About Spine Surgery

One of the most common complaints of medical patients especially those who are already above 45 years of age is back pain. However, despite its being very common, it still remains to be one of the most difficult medical problems to resolve.

This is because back pain can either be severe or not and it also affects one of the most essential part of the body which is called the spine. A simple pain can take weeks before it is completely cured and a serious pain may need to be surgically treated. You can also get the best spine surgery in Frederick Maryland.

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Since it would take weeks before a simple back pain to be cured, it would also take a lot longer time for a serious back pain to be treated. An individual who is suffering from back pain will have to undergo other treatment first for three to six months before he could take the option of having it treated through a spine surgery.

Rushing to have a spine surgery treatment is not advised by most medical practitioners because it is a very sensitive treatment process.

A surgery has different processes that are done depending on the type of back pain that the patient suffers. The process where in a part of the disc between vertebrae has to be removed is called the Disectomy.

If the patient needs relief from the pressure on the spinal cord, he can have a surgery process called the Laminectomy. The process of eliminating movements between two vertebrae is called Spine Fusion.

It is usually done to treat the instability of the spine. With spine surgery, a patient may also have the option for a spine disc replacement.

The process where in relief from the pressure on a nerve is attained is called the Foramenotomy. It is done by removing a part of the bone or tissues on the spinal cord that causes the pressure on the nerve.

Before you decide to go through a spine surgery, it is best to consult a very reliable spine doctor to check on what really causes your back pain. It will also be best of you go through some conservative treatment process first before having your surgically treated.