All the Facts You Know About Spray tanning

Many women with fair skin want to have a more coppery tone. This can only be achieved by sun exposure. Sun tanning is no longer an option due to the increasing dangers from UV rays. 

However, there are still some options. This is known as "Sunless Tanning". You can use a variety of tanning products, including gels, mousses and sunbeds. Here you can search for more information on spray tanning at

DHA (dihydroxyacetone) is the main ingredient in spray tanning. It is a sugar form that comes from plants. The FDA (Federal Drug Administration) approved it. It reacts to amino acids in our skin's dead cells.

Although spray tanning is most commonly done in salons, it can also be done at home if you don’t have the budget. You can purchase a spray tanning can, and you can also do it yourself if necessary. 

There are two options for spray tanning if you don’t want to have blotches on your skin. There are two options: either a spray tanning booth or an airbrush tan.

The spray tanning booths emit fine mists of tanning solution. If you do not want to be naked, you can wear a dark-colored bathing suit or two-piece bathing suits while you go through the process. 

The entire process takes less than a minute. After the process is complete, towel off any excess solution. Spray tanning should take effect within an hour. A trained technician can apply airbrush tanning manually.

The technician will make sure there are no missed spots during spray tanning. After the session, you can shower for up to four hours.