All You Should Know About Air Compressor

A good air compressor is an important part of the carpentry and manufacturing industry. Therefore, proper air compressor maintenance is perhaps the most important part of using and powering pneumatic equipment. 

Because your air compressor is the muscle behind your pneumatic tools and behind your results, ensuring its performance from the start is just as important as your final result. You can also visit to buy the best air compressors.

Air Compressors

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Storage – Another important factor is compressor storage. Regardless of whether you use the compressor every day and only store it at night, you should store it in a cool, clean, and dry environment.

Types of Compressors – There are also two main types of air compressors – those that require regular lubrication (designed for the toughest industrial applications) and those that are oil-free and therefore require no lubrication (designed for lighter applications).

Daily Maintenance – To avoid rust and water damage, it is important to drain moisture from the air compressor tank every day, or at least every time it is used. 

If you're working in a very dusty environment, it's also a good idea to blow or wipe away any leftovers. This ensures your components stay clean, clog-free, and perform at their best.

Weekly Maintenance – Once a week, remove dirt or other similar obstructions from the air intake vents. Give them a good rag and make sure they're sparkling clean, and if you're using a filtered compressor, whistle the filter and replace it if necessary.