Amazing Facts About Nails

Beautiful nails attract attention and become an asset for every woman. Nail care has become an important part of grooming. Well-groomed nails say a lot about a person.

Nail styling is just as important as hair styling. Now it has become a fashion statement. Styling has become so popular that you can find nail salons and art studios almost anywhere. You can shape your nails by styling them, painting them, or making them artistic. If you are looking for the best nails care salon visit

Here are some interesting facts about your nails:

Nails are made of keratin, a type of protein that makes up your hair and skin. What you see in your arms and legs is actually dead and devoid of feelings. Cuticles grow from the base of your cuticles and push the old cuticles through your skin and that is why nails keep growing. There are blood vessels under the nail bed, giving them a pink color. 

Healthy nails are smooth, smudge-free, uniformly colored, and without edges. Unhealthy nails have lines and dents and show an odd color. Nails are also a reflection of your health. 

Long nails make your fingers look longer, softer, more graceful, and more feminine. They look very elegant and beautiful in almost any outfit. They used to be a sign of wealth and prosperity. Because women from rich families don't have to do housework or fieldwork.

This application is very simple. First, you need to remove the old paint. If you're using old paint, it may fall off after a day or two. Second, wash and trim your nails well. Third, push back on your cuticles to make sure you stick to them, not your skin (cuticles).