An Independent Look at Rental Car Insurance

Car rental insurance always confuses car owners because most of them don't even know whether it's worth buying or not. The most experienced representatives of the leading rental car insurance companies will tell you that this type of insurance is completely ineffective. Of course, this still applies to some car owners, but most drivers are simply overpaying. There are several options that confirm this.

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The big secret is that almost all the deals that rental companies have included on most basic car insurance policies. So when you get car rental insurance, you pay for what you already got, which means losing money. The best thing you can do is research what options your provider covers before you go to the owner.

For example, collision and comprehensive coverage can be excluded if you have it with your regular car insurance. Collision insurance alone is sufficient, as is most common in regular motor vehicle insurance. The same goes for insurance coverage, which is not often bought but can be ignored. Medical costs are the least of concern, even if you don't have them on your car insurance. 

You may only have separate health insurance. The only thing that is rarely bought from insurance companies is personal item coverage which will help you get compensation if personal items such as a phone, laptop, or cash are stolen from the car.