Cannabis Plant Training Techniques

Trays, tools, and cloning kits

Specially designed clone trays are available at most gardening stores and are useful because they provide separate space for your cuttings. This will help prevent the roots of various plants from getting tangled as they grow.

A full range of hydroponic and aeroponic clones is also available, including lighting, trays, ventilation, and irrigation all rolled into one. Well! there are many online sites where anyone can buy marijuana clones.

Pre-made arrangements can be very expensive, but it is possible to make your own arrangements for much less cost. If you want to get marijuana clones you can opt for San Bernardino clones for sale at

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However, it is possible to use only cheap plastic trays or boxes without separate space for each piece. If the roots are tangled, it won't damage your cuttings if they have to be trimmed. In fact, some farmers believe this harsh treatment promotes the growth of fresh roots with more branching.

Prepare your cuttings

You will need:

• mother plant;

• scissors or scissors; a sharp, clean razor or scalpel;

• Cutting surfaces such as silicone pans or ceramic bowls;

• A glass or glass 2/3 filled with warm water;

• The growing environment is like a Rockwool cube;

• root gel or powder; Men's plastic spray bottle;

• Distribution room (preferably heated).