Clark features observed that Lana’s nose wrinkled up when she gets big, that he mentions as gorgeous

Clark features observed that Lana’s nose wrinkled up when she gets big, that he mentions as gorgeous

Age after Lana can be found in Africa safeguarding neighborhood villages from African warlords, running as a vigilante called the “Angel in the Plateau”. Indeed there, she loses the girl superhuman forces after an altercation with John Corben where the guy soaks up this lady Kryptonite-infused nanites. Irrespective, she continues doing philanthropic work with Africa, and occasionally runs as a Watchtower community agent in rule title “Valkyrie”.


Lana are a beautiful woman with dark colored hair (which had red features during her elderly year of high school), hazel eyes (the kind of which had been complimented on various hours) and a slimmer structure. The woman is around 5’4″. During the woman college years, Lana was actually recognized for being the prettiest lady; she was even chosen “most probably be a cover girl” in her own high-school yearbook.

Through the series, it had been proposed that she resembled the woman mother. It absolutely was afterwards unveiled that she was actually of component French ancestry from the lady mom area.

In highschool, she generally wore garments that was youthful and colourful. As she entered the girl older seasons, the girl apparel be much more streamlined and cool and got frequently coupled with accessories. While she ended up being operating the Isis Foundation Lana began using reading glasses and dressed like an enhanced businesswoman. An adult Lana persisted to dress so much more gracefully and elegantly than ever, while nonetheless sporting jeans and streamlined clothes on occasion. She later on cut this lady locks, and additionally they expanded in curls. This lady tresses also provided bangs, which were side-swept or long to the side.

Whilst in Africa, Lana begins to outfit very simply with long-sleeved blouses and pants. She additionally wears lengthy jewelry cover almost all of their face to cover the woman personality while becoming a vigilante. Colour of the girl clothes is mainly bluish cougar life indir and purple like Superman’s match.


The death of their moms and dads whenever she was three was most important in shaping Lana’s identity. Despite the fact that the girl aunt lifted and looked after her, Lana enjoys decided an abandoned orphan the girl expereince of living and idolizes their dead mothers. She frequently states that she feels separated and out-of-place and dreams intensely about making Smallville permanently for something extra. Despite this, Lana created a credibility if you are a sweet woman aˆ“ nice, caring, also desperate to let others by volunteering at Smallville your retirement middle, and running the institution blooddrive. She receive herself without having any families before she graduated from twelfth grade. With no one to depend on but by herself, Lana can also be very powered to pursue the lady goals. She successfully handled the Talon cafe as a high class scholar and lived alone during their senior 12 months.

Lana was classified due to the fact gullible “girl across the street” archetype, constantly demanding the reality and thus assuming whatever lays tend to be informed to their, which includes placed the woman and Clark’s commitment into challenge more often than once.

Lana got self-protection sessions, but appears to constantly discover by herself in threatening situations, the need to be rescued. She once stated that she constantly believed she’d perish younger. Being assaulted multiple times by meteor freaks, she became vital of metahumans and aliens: at the beginning of their commitment, Lana and Lex increased close over their provided belief that people have to be protected against risky aliens and metahumans. Clark relatively acquired on Lana’s thoughts plus it was actually section of their reluctance to faith the girl together with information: despite this, Clark is actually convinced that they might be intended to be collectively. In addition to that, its shown in Phantom that the girl thoughts for Clark exceed their concern with super-powered beings, and additionally she immediately accepted that he was really an alien and never a meteor freak as she by herself (and Chloe before this lady) at first thought. Considering Lex’s inhumane remedy for superpowered beings within his Level 33.1 and venture Ares studies, Lana’s disdain for metahumans and various other superpowered beings enjoys minimized dramatically and she created the Isis Foundation to present emotional service towards the meteor-infected which help them lead a standard lifetime.