Drink Lipton Green Tea to Lose Weight Effectively

Since ancient times, green tea has been linked to many healing properties. Lipton green tea is also known to help with weight problems. You don't have to drink any other tea if you want to lose weight. Lipton green tea and weight loss are hot topics. This is why more people are adding green tea to their daily diets in an effort to lose weight. 

According to a study, drinking green tea for weight loss is an effective option. Study results showed that green tea extract can increase energy expenditure and a metabolism boost. Researchers found that green tea extract can boost metabolism by up to 4 percent in a 24-hour span. You can buy Lipton green tea online now with just a click.

The high levels of catechins in green tea accelerate thermogenesis and fat oxidation. This is when the body creates heat or energy through an increase in metabolic rate. Lipton green tea drinkers who want to lose weight are on a good path. Lipton green tea has 78 calories per day according to studies. Individual size affects how many calories are burned. 

More calories are burned for those who have more weight. Less calories are burned if there is more weight. The number of calories burned is also affected by the individual's weight. The combination of your food and your level of exercise can also have an impact on how much calories you burn.

Research has also shown that green tea can reduce the absorption fats from the gastrointestinal tract to the bloodstream immediately after meals. The green tea's catechins are thought to reduce lipid absorption.