Fascinating Ingredients of Thai Food Recipes in Devon

Thai food is a popular food that can be found all over the world. When you think of Thai food, the first thing you might think of is the freshness of all the ingredients.

Depending on which dish you order and what personal preference you have, you will find options for both sweet and spicy dishes.

Thai dishes usually consist of a fried main course plus rice, salad, soup, and maybe some kind of curry. You can also look for various delicious dishes of Thai food in Devon at the Thai herb kitchen.

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Thai fish sauce mixed with fresh chopped chilies and spring onions, tomatoes, and nuts also graced the table. However, some of the individual ingredients that go into Thai food are simply captivating.

Although we often think of Thai food as spicy, its relatively mild herbal basil plays a huge role in Thai cooking as a side dish and seasoning for many dishes.

Cardamom seeds are used in curries from the south along with Chinese garlic, which doesn't look like chives but tastes like garlic. Jicama is crunchy tubers and is eaten raw or cooked by dipping.

Krachai, or Chinese key, has a mild flavor but looks like a bunch of worms stuck together. Delicious!

The palm fruit is like a spiky coconut which is then distilled into golden brown blocks known as palm sugar. However, you can use maple syrup or molasses as a substitute for your own Thai cooking.

Seafood byproducts such as fish sauce, dried shrimp, shrimp paste with oyster sauce are also common.