Get Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Bathroom vanities are a great way to update the look of your bathroom. These vanities can be useful additions to any bathroom decor. Bathroom vanities are also useful storage options and decorative pieces that can impress your guests. Companies like Truax Design Centre can provide you with the best vanity ideas.

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The cabinet below the bathroom sink is a bathroom vanity. The countertop adds the final touch. Before you buy your bathroom vanity set, there are many things to consider. These bathroom vanity ideas will help you plan if you're looking to install one of these items in the next few weeks.

Vanities in walnut color Bathroom vanity can be made from walnut-stained Alderwood or any other type of wood. This color gives your bathroom a retro 1920s feel. Glassy knobs, which illuminate the whole room, make walnut cabinets look great.

Cabinets that are 'Floor-to-ceiling' A great way to add a twist to your bathroom vanity project is to extend your cabinet storage space down to the bathroom floors. For couples or large families, this extra storage space can be a great way to reduce clutter on countertops and in cabinets. You can store towels, toilet paper, and other bathroom supplies in the vanity.

Double vanities. A double vanity is an option for your next bathroom remodel. This is great for couples and families who are sharing the task of getting ready. Double vanities offer plenty of storage space and counter space. Double vanities can have two mirrors with a separation between them, while others only have one large frame in the mirror. Double vanities provide more counter space to display decorative items such as potted plants and potted flowers.

Victorian style vanities. You can personalize your bath with non-traditional vanities. Victorian-inspired vanity would have rectangular sinks and marble countertops. There are also lots of square-shaped drawers.

The final touch to a Victorian-inspired vanity is a lovely curved-head faucet that has sparkling chrome cross handles. Victorian-style vanities can be either dark or light in color and are often paired with dark and light colors for the countertops and drawers.