How To Prolong Lithium-based Batteries

As of this moment, lithium-ion batteries are the most powerful battery power for cordless tools in the industry. While they're better than alternatives, they can be a bit finicky.

They can be frustrating and unforgiving, but even though they are prone to a touchy temperament there are ways you can maintain the positive side of those indispensable accessories.

Use these suggestions into your routine to keep your batteries functioning at optimum levels over the long haul. You can find the best lithium-ion batteries via

lithium ion batteries

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1. Utilize Your Battery More Often

The power tool batteries all become less efficient over time, and lithium-ion batteries degrade faster during periods of inactivity. So, it is important to use them frequently. Even if you're not working on the front of your project, you can use them at least once each month.

2. Don't Completely Discharge Your Battery

It is generally accepted that it is recommended to recharge your lithium-ion batteries before they reach 20% or after you feel an improvement in your device's performance. Don't let them deplete, or they'll become ideal for holding down paper inside the air.

3. Keep Your Batteries charged regularly

A regular charging schedule is great for lithium-Ion batteries. So, make sure to charge them, even when they're only slightly depleted. You could also "top-off" the batteries you have by putting them in (or turning off) your charger for just a few minutes each month. While you don't need to keep your lithium-ion batteries fully charged, giving them some juice when they are not in use keeps them healthy and strong.