How To Shop For Vintage Designer Handbags

There is nothing that compares to designer handbags because they make a statement about your tastes, your style, and offer you a classy and elegant look.

One of the popular ways to buy a handbag is getting a classic designer handbags that was made long ago and still looks fantastic. 

Watch Out for Fakes

One of the problems in buying vintage designer handbags is that you will run into fakes. Therefore, you need to do some research before you hit the vintage shops and know something about the designers that you are interested in. 

Look at the lining

The lining inside the handbag you are looking at should not be loose, it should be stitched, this is often a dead giveaway that it is a fake if you look inside and the lining is loose.

Check out the hardware

Depending on how someone that owned the vintage handbag took care of the bag often determines the condition of the hardware, but in general, the hardware should be very heavy. 

Check out thrift stores

Many thrift stores have vintage designer handbags and they do not even realize it. Imagine picking up a vintage for $5 at a thrift shop that is worth thousands of dollars, which can and does happen, but it means you have to visit the shops often because the merchandise changes so rapidly. 

It is important to keep in mind that vintage designer handbags do not come around easily, but you will find a lot of fakes.