Is Your SEO Killing Your Conversion Rate?

Do you have an SEO-dominant site that generates a lot of traffic but has a very low conversion rate? In some cases, this can be caused by a poor traffic source, which means that the targeted keywords are very poorly targeted.

If the reason is low traffic, low average time on the website, and high abandonment rate. However, if the average time spent on the website is more than 2 minutes and the abandonment rate is below 50%, it is likely that the problem is not with the quality of the traffic.

Conversion rate optimization experts constantly see low conversion rates on stable SEO sites, and the problem is often poor traffic conversions that generate traffic.

Image Source: Google

In other words, this powerful SEO site attracts a lot of traffic through articles, blogs, and other traffic-generating content.

Problems arise, however, when prospects have come to the bottom of the traffic-generating content and there is no strong buzz phrase to propel them further into the site.

By tracking website traffic with Google Analytics, you can quickly see if funnels are a potential source of your low conversions. Just log in to Google Analytics and:

1. Click in the left navigation column on "Behavior"

2. Click Site Content.

3. Click "Understand the content"