Make The Most Of Technology With Virtual Parties

1. Magical Zoom Party

I’m sure you’re used to hearing the word “Zoom” in your everyday lives.

We spend our workdays video chatting with colleagues on Zoom, organizing meetings on Zoom, and connecting with relatives over Zoom…

We’re constantly on screens. But is that so bad?! If we didn’t have these platforms, we wouldn’t be able to keep in contact with family and friends during these isolating lockdowns.

So, why not celebrate Zoom and throw a special Zoom Party! You can also arrange your virtual birthday party with the help of birthday planners via 

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Technology is a magical tool. You can create a spectacular illusion with a fancy background. You can virtually invite your friends to the party. And, most importantly, it allows everyone in your life to be part of your kids’ birthday from a distance! 

2. Socially Distanced Disco 

When was the last time you had a good dance? I mean, really let go and boogie…

If like most people during the pandemic, you’ve become a bit stiff from all the sitting and crave a bit of fun movement, then we have just the idea!

Plus, your child will absolutely love to run around and twirl in their party outfits with you!

Dancing makes people happy.

3. Birthday Yoga

For those of you who want even more movement than dancing…

You can always have a birthday yoga party! Everybody loves to throw their shoes off, get comfy, and stretch across a mat! 

Children love it. They can jump, stretch, do handstands, and just be FREE!

Birthday yoga is perfect for those energetic little ones who have some energy to run off and enjoy moving their bodies.