Marquee Hire – How to Choose a Party Tent

Okay, you've decided to hire a marquee. How do you choose the right type? There are many types of marquees, each with its own advantages.

Here's a quick overview:

Frame marquees are clearspan structures without central poles. These are practical and have low roofs. Frame tents offer many benefits, including Frame marquees don't need any space so they can take advantage of all available space if there isn't enough. 

Frame marquees can be attached to buildings to provide additional indoor space. You can appoint a marquee for backyard via various online websites.

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There is no need to have poles in the room. This allows for a clear view of speeches.

Pole tents are more traditional and have poles. If you are looking for classic or fairytale-styled events, pole tents are the best choice. However, frame tents can be used if they have heavy practical benefits. There are many types of pole tents.

Tension tents have high-sculpted roofs. Dramatic. If you really want to impress.

Plain pole tents. Plain pole tents are less striking and more affordable.

Big tops are large, round structures with a central pole that is high, used in circuses. These are great fun but not all that common.

Ethnic tents are becoming more popular for unconventional events. They are usually decorated in vibrant colors or the correct ethnic style. These include:

Tents are highly decorative and have elaborate hanging flaps. They also often have printed linings. Most often decorated in Eastern style using lots of lights, metal lanterns, etc