New Dental Treatment for Children – Myofunctional Therapy In Toronto

Studies have shown a correlation between facial abnormalities, upper airway obstruction, and facial appearance. To describe the facial features of an airway obstruction patient, the term "Long Face Syndrome" has been used. 

These patients often have their heads tilted to maintain an open airway. This disease can change your face shape. If the disorder is caught early, you should go for myofunctional treatment to get a healthy smile for a lifetime.

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 Normal facial growth depends on the position of your tongue in the dental arch. The ideal arch shape is achieved when the forces of the lips, cheeks, and tongue are balanced. This can only happen if the dentist’s arch has enough space for the tongue to rest and function.

An obstructed nose airway can cause mouth breathing problems. This causes the tongue to be lower and results in decreased tongue position.

We often see mouth-breathing patients with narrow arches, high palates, and significant crowding. If mouth breathing problems are not addressed, it can cause facial abnormalities that impact facial aesthetics.

MyotherapyThis treatment aims to improve and establish the proper function of the facial and oral muscles. This includes:

  • Negative orofacial behaviors (e.g. Nail biting, thumb sucking, tongue thrusting

  • Problems with posture related to the lips and jaw, tongue, jaw, and respiratory system

  • Negative breathing patterns

  • Malocclusions may be associated with certain swallowing patterns

  • Aesthetics for the face and body

Myofunctional therapy is simple and painless. It involves a series of exercises that are very easy.