Overview Of Silver Bengal Cat

The silver Bengal cat is a cat with a silver-colored coat – it is a relatively new member of the Bengal family. They have a base coat from pure white to steel silver, anthracite, or blue, which contrasts with black and gray specks. You can also know more about silver Bengal kittens through various websites.

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Like other Bengal cats, the silver Bengal cat comes in two varieties – silver stain and silver marble. They not only attract onlookers with their silver coats but also dazzle them with their dazzling green or yellow/gold eyes.

Silver Bengal Cat Personality

Don't be fooled by their wild appearance and origins. Like other Bengal cats, silver Bengal cats are ordinary cats. They like to show love to their loving parents.

They are very energetic and playful cats. They are excellent climbers and will love climbing bookshelves, doors, etc. inside the house. You will see your house as a forest. So don't be surprised if they collapse and break things.

If you don't want your silver Bengal cat to ruin anything, you can buy him a cat window, cat hammock, or scratching post. Arrange for your cat to climb from one platform to another.

How much does a silver Bengal cat cost?

Since silver Bengal cats are rare, they are quite expensive. While you can get an adult or older silver Bengal cat for a few hundred dollars, a silver Bengal kitten will cost you up to or even more than three thousand dollars.