Overview on Waste Gas Utilization

In the industry sector, most of the energy-consuming sectors are iron, steel, petrochemical, and chemicals. Depending on operating practices & geography, these sectors account for about 15-20%, 10-18%, and 6-8% of the total industrial energy consumption. There is a wide variety of energy-rich components like CH4, CO, H2, and N2, that produce from this sector. Industries use these gases as low-value fuels in captive power plants. You can read about the waste gas utilization process via https://www.dasturenergy.com/waste-gas-utilization/ as well.

Through the waste gas utilization process the enrichment and utilization systems, suitably integrated with the existing main process units, provide a pathway for improving the overall energy efficiency and significantly reducing CO2 emissions from industrial facilities. Various industries like Dastur Energy are working on the process of converting waste gas into high-value products. Dastur Energy is applying its IP-based business-driven solutions for enrichment and carbon capture of waste gases at one of the largest steel plants in North America. 

The waste-gas utilization process is creating a rich CO2-rich gas stream to cost-effective carbon capture and energy-rich syngas stream which can be used to produce clean products. DE offers flexible and sustainable clean energy systems solutions to their clients. They give the option to calibrate the extent of the gas conditioning, gas enrichment, and the syngas quality as well.