Proper Care Extends Li-Ion Battery Life

The life span of the lithium-ion battery is contingent on the environment in the environment it's used in laptop computers. For example, the battery will slowly lose its energy over 12-18 months if it's fully charged within the hot environment that is the laptop.

Switching to more effective laptop configurations and then allowing the battery to completely degrade will prolong the battery's life by about 2 or 3 years. You can find the best li-ion rechargeable batteries via

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Laptop Settings

The hard drive is your laptop's brain. It needs all the power. Enhance the performance of your hard drive by regularly defragmenting the computer. Limit the number of programs that you are running simultaneously.

As an example, choose one thing to do instead of reading your emails or listening to music, and creating a spreadsheet at once. It is possible to do this by increasing your memory that is readily accessible (RAM) to reduce the use of virtual memory.

Limit the use of devices that are external to the USB (USB) devices including WiFi or a mouse. Take them off when you're not using them.

Put your laptop into standby mode instead of hibernating. This will turn off the laptop when it's not active, but it will boot using the programs in the same state as you were using the previous time.

Battery Care

Cleanse the battery every few months. The rub of the metal contacts using an alcohol-soaked cloth keeps your battery's energy transfer effective. Utilize a battery that is fully charged each two-to-three weeks, at most. Make sure that you don't let your lithium-ion battery drain all of its energy.