Significance of Custom Made Dress Shirts For Men

Ready-made shirts bought from local stores do not have that perfect fit on all men as everyone has a different kind of body physique. Therefore, the only way out for men is to get their hands on the home of the extreme cutaway collar.

Extreme Cutaway Collar

It is very important for men to have dress shirts with a perfect fit, good quality fabric, adequate styling and high-quality stitching. The collar is the important, a perhaps most significant part of a men’s dress shirt. 

Below we will discuss the attributes of a custom dress shirt’s collar, which makes it apart from a readymade shirt:

  1. Point Collars

This collar style is among the most commonly found collars in the US. The advantage of this collar style is that longer and more closely set points tend to draw eyes down, which elongates the face. While getting custom shirts, it is advised to figure out your face structure and if you like it being elongated then go for it.

  1. Spread Collars

The other most popular style is spread or cutaway collar. These collars have points that are cut away to opposite sides while revealing the upper shirt area. The spread collars are an excellent choice for a gentleman with a medium to long shaped face.

Besides fitting, in a custom dress shirt, the wearer can also customize the plackets, yoke, pleats and pocket styles. All these attributes of a custom dress shirt give it a huge significance over all other types of shirts available in the market.