Some Basic Types And Accessories Of Air Compressors

A device that converts energy into kinetic energy using the compressed air method and can trigger large explosions of air when needed is called an air compressor. 

Air compressor types can be classified based on positive or negative displacement. They are as follows:

• Screw Compressors: These types of air compressors work by filling air into the gap between two twin screws and the housing. As the screw rotates, the volume decreases, increasing the air pressure. You can also check for the screw air compressor via the web.

screw air compressors

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• Rotary vane compressor: This displacement compressor consists of a stator, rotor, and 8 blades. Again, oil is injected into the air in the stator walls to cool the air and lubricate the blades and bearings.

A seal is made between the blade and the stator wall. As soon as the rotor spins, compression is created and volume increases dramatically.

• Reversible piston or compressor: This is most commonly found in positive displacement compressor units. Its strength ranges from partial to very high. Air is filled into the chamber and then the volume of the space is reduced, creating compression and releasing energy.

• Centrifugal Compressor: This is not a positive volume compressor, it uses a lot of high-speed rotating wheels, accelerates the air, and then uses a diffuser to break up the air.