All About Installing 3D Gypsum Board Ceiling

How to install 3d gypsum board ceiling plaster?

3d gypsum board ceilings are easy to install. While professional hands will give good results, homeowners can install these 3d gypsum boards. The main reason the 3d gypsum board ceiling is easy to install is because of the lightweight material. You can also get more information about 3d gypsum board online via

All About Installing 3D Gypsum Board Ceiling

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The installation process mainly consists of three parts:

  • Suspension system attachment

  • Fix drywall

  • Join and finish

How to install a 3d gypsum board ceiling?

  1. Draw the desired finish line with the water level on the ceiling of the target floor

  2. Install perimeter ducts around the walls

  3. Mark the position of the fasteners on the original plate

  4. At the intersection, if there are two lines, drill 12mm holes in all locations and insert the raw plug into the holes.

  5. Attach the headlight bracket to the uncoated connector and attach the metal corner strips on the same part of the ceiling. This creates a pivot point from the false ceiling.

  6. Connect the free ends of the metal corner strips with an intermediate conduit to the duct circumference with metal screws.

3d gypsum board ceilings are easy to install, they also require minimal maintenance and are very easy to repair in case of damage. As a strong and flexible material, 3d gypsum board is the preferred choice for designer ceilings with unusual dimensions.