All about Dermal Filler Injections

While fighting the signs of aging, these fillers are also used to accentuate the lips and repair areas darkened by scars.

Who can inject skin fillers into you?

The right person to give this injection with filler depends on your condition. In some cases, only a licensed doctor can administer the injection, and in some cases only a doctor. You can also look for CE approved facial aesthetics master program online.

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Skin filler injection training

Different fillers have different training and certification courses, and anyone using filler injections should be trained to do so. In intensive one-day or two-day seminars, doctors, nurses, nurses and others with previous medical training are trained and certified to provide fillers.

This course teaches how to review physiology, as well as courses on facial anatomy and technique, and how to properly prepare fillers and anesthetics. Such certification courses also offer manual training seminars that use a hands-on model to train participants.

Different types of training

There are many different types of dermal filling syringes on the market and of course there are different certification courses for them. Therefore, administrators of facial fillers should be familiar with the techniques, risks, and use of each filler.

Some of the common fillers are Restylane, which gives volume to the skin, Juvederm, which improves lips and wrinkles, and Radiesse, which offers a long lasting effect. Then there are spas and dermatologists who have certified dermal fillers which are made from fat extracted from the patient's own body.