What Are The Podcast Publishing Platform In The USA?

You can look upon the integrated platforms, such as podcast hosting services, among other things integrate blogging software with storage space and bandwidth. More sophisticated platforms also include metrics that are important for trending podcast marketing.

The podcast publishing platform consists of three main parts:

1. Manage podcast files

Every web server must provide at least one way to upload and manage files. The most common are the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or web-based file manager, WebDAV file system, or the integrated file manager included with blogging software.

2. Manage podcast sites and pages

Any web publishing platform will do, but blogs solve the problem and prevent you from working with HTML. If you know how to use email, you know more than enough to start a podcast episode page on a blog.

Another benefit of a blog as a publishing platform is that it is automatically archived, indexed by blog search engines, and includes internal discussions for each post as well as remotely via tracking.

3. Create a podcast feed

The final part of a podcast publishing platform is generating podcast-compatible feeds. If you are using blogging software, this process is automated. Many bloggers don't know they're generating feeds with their blogs, but that's the key to any podcast.