Kitchen Countertops in Austin – The Beautiful and Practical Choices

Gone are the days of simple, colorful, or patterned Formica as the only choice for a kitchen countertop. There are a number of new types of upholstery these days that can make it difficult for you to choose the best worktop for your kitchen.

The variety of surfaces you choose will depend on how you use your countertops. When using your kitchen table for cooking, you want a work surface that won't break or dig up easily, and that is resistant to scratches and heat. (Of course, you'll still want to use a cutting board and a saucepan for the hot plate.)

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granite and marble countertops

If you plan for your countertops to retain your small appliances and/or cooking utensils holders, you can pick a different type of countertop surface. However, be aware that some small appliances such as toasters, fat toasters, and small microwaves that can be placed on the table can still give off heat and damage non-heat-resistant surfaces.

Follow these tips when choosing your new kitchen countertop:

1. Ask yourself how difficult (or easy) it is to keep a surface clean. Individual tiles are gorgeous whether used all over the table surface or placed in a specific pattern of slits along with the table. However, you need to clean the grout between tiles regularly, such as bathroom tiles, to keep the countertop looking its best.

2. Ceramics, marble, porcelain, and other similar materials produce smooth tabletops, but they tend to break, crack, and break more easily than other materials. In some cases, it doesn't take much force to damage these surfaces. You may also find that minor accidents such as pulling a glass bowl from your hand cause a shattering mess.

3. The flat work surface is easiest to clean and hygienically maintain. However, you don't have to settle for a simple interface. A very smooth countertop can make a kitchen decor look really nice.