All About Plumbers in Keysborough

A plumber is a person who is commonly known as a pipe-fitter. His job is to maintain and install pipe networks. Usually, the persons who maintain or repair pipe systems of potable water, sewerage, ventilation, or steam are referred to as plumbers. However, sometimes, a distinction is made between pipe layers, plumbers, pipefitters, gas fitters, and steamfitters.

A plumber has a very important role to perform in various fields. He installs maintains or repairs the pipes that carry water from the municipal water treatment plants to the houses.

Some of his other services include the maintenance of the system that carries waste material to disposal units. You can also opt for emergency plumbing services in Keysborough.


In addition to domestic services, plumbers also work in various other sectors. For instance, they are responsible in maintaining different pipe systems in factories. These pipe systems are developed to carry steam to turbines and for shifting material from one plant to another.

Plumbers install and repair waste disposal systems, gas systems, and water pipes in houses, gardens, commercial buildings, and factories. They install pipe systems in new houses. Plumbers can also assist you in choosing the right pipe system for your house.

One of their jobs includes providing installation estimates when you are designing your house. Skilled plumbers use blueprints to install the pipelines. They are well trained to repair leaked and clogged pipes.

If you are constructing a house, then plumbers can dig various trenches to install pipes. This work is done manually by the plumbers. However, they use sophisticated machinery to make trenches for municipal pipelines in factories. They use various machines and tools to cut or bend pipes.

Part of their job involves the use of different techniques for installing pipe systems. For example, for plastic pipes adhesive materials are used; whereas for copper pipes, fitting covers are used. After the pipe installation, other appliances are connected to them