Custom Prismatic Lithium-ion Batteries

The custom prismatic lithium-ion batteries are thinner in size and have a low manufacturing cost. These are found in mobile phones with lithium-ion. Prismatic cells are packed in welded aluminum structure and are used in electric vehicles. You can buy the custom prismatic lithium-ion batteries online at


Prismatic cells provide better space utilization and low maintenance costs and it also allows flexible design. The advantage of prismatic lithium-ion batteries is that they are light in weight, ultra-thin, and support powerful utilization of space. 

These are thin and rectangular in shape and facilitate better layering and flexibility. Prismatic lithium-ion battery cells are typically used in lightweight electronic devices such as tablets, power equipment, Lighting equipment, etc.

These batteries are environmentally friendly and have a long cycle life. Prismatic lithium batteries have a higher density and fast charging cells. The cells in these batteries deliver the capacities of 20 to 30Ah and are widely used for electric powertrains.

The high rated company Samsung has also used these batteries in their S series and increased the performance of their phones. The cells in these batteries are highly welded and flat on the surface. These batteries are widely used in portable devices and are very efficient.