Easy Way To Improve Refrigerator Performance

Did you know that refrigerators use about one-sixth of the electricity in a typical American home? That's about 17%! And it needs your attention if you want to save energy. Today we're going to talk about how to properly operate a refrigerator – it's very easy to implement. You can now also look for the finest walk in cooler door seal replacement services online. 

What to do when your refrigerator door won't stay closed - CNET

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Working with a refrigerator is quite easy. Here are some tips that can help you make it more energy efficient:-

A refrigerator that is exposed to direct sunlight or near an oven, dishwasher, or other heat source has to work harder to keep it cool. Remove if possible or protect from other heat sources. This helps facilitate the release of heat into the atmosphere.

If the door seal is not closed tightly, less energy is lost. Condensation can sometimes be found around door seals. A leak in the door seal causes hot air to enter the cooling compartment. You can check if the seal is working by closing the door on a piece of paper. If you hold it tight, the door seal is still good. Replace the door seal if it leaks.

The appropriate temperature for a refrigerator is between 37° and 40° Fahrenheit; The freezer should be between 0° and 5°. You no longer need to refrigerate. A refrigerator that is 10° cooler than required can use 25% more energy. Therefore, set the thermostat to the correct temperature.