The Benefits of LED Tube Lighting

Relatively new and continuously developed, LED tube lighting is rapidly outstripping fluorescent bulbs that have been a mainstay in many companies and kitchens for many years. Although the amount of light produced is fluorescent bulbs always a choice for areas that require bright lighting, LED lighting has been proven to meet and exceed these challenges.

LED tube light is available in all the same tube sizes than fluorescent traditional lighting. Among the many benefits of switching off fluorescent lamps to LED is the fact that the process is relatively simple. LED lights integrated into the teeth of the fluorescent bulb and replace drop-in is very easy.

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There are many problems with fluorescent lighting in offices and homes. Areas where this light is used normally active for several hours each day and are expensive to use. Maintenance and repair of fluorescent bulbs can be extremely high and energy costs can make them prohibitively expensive. In addition, the bulbs contain mercury which can be dangerous and harmful in case of bulb breakage.

The LED is a highly efficient lamp that uses less than sixty percent of the energy of the uses of the incandescent bulb. The replacement of standard T8 and T12 use only 14-24 watts of energy and last 50,000 to 100,000 hours before need to be replaced. They have a superior quality of colour and the same colour dynamic than their counterpart.