Get Your Child to Stop Thumb Sucking Sooner

Many babies develop thumb-sucking right from within the womb. This habit continues until the age of 4 and after that, some break this habit by himself some need an instruction. But this habit lasts longer only for short periods of time.

Every habit takes a time to leave and thumb sucking also. When you think that it is getting out of the hands then you have to take proper precautions. One is to visit nipit, where you can get over this habit in your child as soon as possible.


Meanwhile, you can try out different strategies at homes such as applying sauce or condiments. These can get your child to avoid thumb-sucking for a short period of time. And no doubt these cause various further problems too.

For the long term in mitigating this problem, there is a thumb guard available on the Amazon Australia website. This guard not only distracts the child from getting a thumb into the mouth but also feels like they haven’t worn anything on the thumb.

It too avoids getting the germs inside the mouth. Because our hand is the first and foremost place where germs gather around. So sucking the thumb for a long duration of time causes easy transfer of germs to the mouth.

Various other strategies to workout if done by parents. As if I had a nice conversation with them. Indulge them in various playful activities where they can use maximum hands. Try them to know the consequences of it which they can suffer on a long term basis.