Why The Timber Pallets Industry Keeps On Growing

Wooden pallets are a proven solution to protect packaging during transportation. The wood is highly adaptable and pallets can be manufactured according to individual designs to offer the best and safest solution for the arrangement and transport of a wide variety of products.

Depending on the weight distribution, the shape and weight of the goods and the type of transportation to be taken into account, wooden pallets can be manufactured for two-way entry or four-way entry. You can also look for the top timber pallets manufacturer through various online sources.

Wooden Pallets

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Sustainability and environmental compatibility

Given the environmental impact of almost everything we do every day, companies need to make the most environmentally friendly and sustainable choices when it comes to shipping packaging.

Compared to all the other options on the shipping packaging market, wood is undoubtedly the most environmentally friendly and least effective solution:

The production processes associated with the manufacture and recycling of oil-based plastics and transportation packaging products have a very harmful effect on the environment and produce large amounts of carbon. 

When pallets are no longer suitable for repair or recycling, they can be turned into sawdust fuel, a very inexpensive and sustainable fuel source for heating and energy.

Many wood pallet manufacturers only use wood responsibly sourced from sustainable forests. It should also be noted that trees are not usually felled for pallet production; pallet wood is usually a surplus material in the manufacture of construction products and furniture. 

In short, the main reason the wood pallet market continues to grow in the years to come is because wood packaging manufacturers are constantly moving from time to time.