Understand: How to immigrate to UK

There are many ways to go about obtaining permanent residency status in the UK if you are a foreigner. Different visa has been created to make this process possible, and there are many types that can be used to gain recognition as a lawful permanent resident of the UK.

There are a number of ways in which a country illegal resident can obtain citizenship and some of the main ones are: work visas, fiancé visas, non-immigrant visas, student visas, and, of course, a family visa.

UK law allows residents and non-immigrant citizens to enter the country on the condition that they have a visa and have been legally permitted to do so. As a lawful permanent resident of this country, foreigners can use their visa to enter the UK, as well as living in a permanent state and get a job.

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However, there are conditions for obtaining legal documents that allow this type of lifestyle, and one of the most common ways used to enter and live in the UK a family visa, which is not excluded from bringing their own set of terms and conditions.

In order to be given residency, non-citizens may choose to obtain a family visa if the situation allows them to allowances. When this happens, an immigrant can use their permanent residence relative and / or citizenship as a means to that country.