The Purpose of Yoga – Holistic Health

What is the real purpose of yoga? Yoga includes many holistic aspects, but the real purpose of yoga is to prevent suffering in this life. Yoga is a system that allows practitioners to proactively talk about their overall health.

Holistic Yoga suggests full empowerment of the practitioner. If we could stop suffering that would be all the better, but humanity always seems to be finding new ways to commit suicide.

Each style of yoga differs slightly from similar styles, but health is always the goal in all forms of yoga. The superiority of this method is an illusion as all yoga paths lead to better mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health.

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The need to sort out, prioritize and evaluate yoga styles and aspects of yoga is an example of our limited mental perception. The truth is that when the mind is undisciplined and our understanding is challenged to the limit, we make the same mistake.

It is possible to overlook the whole purpose of yoga if the mind is not properly trained and practiced. How many students are disciplined without the guidance of a yoga teacher? How many yoga teachers view the asana as the "holy grail" of yoga?

The "monkey mind" is undisciplined without pranayama (yoga breathing technique), meditation and japa (chanting of mantras). A yoga teacher or student may practice an unprepared form of yoga, but practicing without guidance is not a holistic approach.

Unless yoga teachers explain to the public about the general health benefits of practicing yoga on a regular basis, decades will pass and these myths will flourish.