The Importance Of Pond Aeration

Many pond owners find that aeration is an important element in providing a healthy living environment for pond fishes. Larger Koi fish require significantly more oxygen than smaller fish to survive. 

This is especially true during the hot summer months. The amount of oxygen is less in hot water than in cold water. There are various methods that you can achieve pond aeration, including the use of pumps that you will find alongside your other fish pond supplies.

Pond Aeration

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Unfortunately, this reality is often ignored by any keeper until it is too late. There are several steps to help the owner of a pond to ensure that their backyard pond is well oxygenated.

The first phase involves the design of the pond. The addition of a waterfall not only adds beauty to a backyard water facility, but it also helps to add oxygen needed to the water. For small ponds in moderate climates, one waterfall alone may be enough to aerate your pond.

Besides potted aquatic plants, it can help to add much-needed oxygen to any backyard pond or water garden. Water lilies are available in a wide variety of colors and can also help create a natural appearance for any water feature.

When adding plants to your pond, be sure to rinse them thoroughly to minimize changes in introducing harmful parasites to your pond.

For large ponds located in areas with hot summers; however, a quality pond air pump is absolutely necessary. When it comes to selecting an air pump, it is important to select aeration that is properly sized for your specific needs.