The Incentivized Marketing Mixes

Incentivized marketing is an innovative style of marketing that applies incentives to help an organization succeed. The most commonly used incentives for incentive marketing are profit sharing, loyalty rewards, or special prizes to reward a business's efforts. These types of programs are often referred to as micro-incentives. Small incentives can add up quickly, even as soon as one is received. This makes these programs a great choice for organizations that are trying to capitalize on the customer base of a specific industry.

Hospitals and other medical organizations have been using incentive marketing for years as a way to bring in new patients and keep existing ones coming back. Incentive gifts such as pens, key chains, and t-shirts are used to reward patients, visitors, and staff. Doctors often offer patients a small bag of their favorite food at their examination or surgery area.

Hospitality representatives are able to use an incentive marketing company platform to motivate both current and potential customers. Offering a free towel or other small items may be just enough to entice customers to make a purchase. On the flip side, a corporate gift might be enough to motivate doctors and nurses to increase the number of patients they see each day. The messages need to be carefully tailored to each patient. For example, a pen that the doctor gives to a patient during his check-up might motivate the doctor to try and get that person to sign up for his preferred plan. The goal is to find a way to get the doctor to use his incentive marketing platform enough to significantly increase a patient's chance to buy.

Motivational speakers are another example of how an incentive marketing program can be applied to a medical organization. Many hospitals and clinics have motivational speakers available to speak to patients and explain what they are doing to improve their lives. Some clinics have even created events where the speakers present the patients with a gift after their talk. These gifts are not necessarily expensive but do tend to reflect the speaker's past accomplishments and serve as an ongoing reminder of why he is qualified to be speaking at the facility. This kind of marketing isn't usually advertised but it does tend to increase the awareness of the best way to solve a patient's problem. It also makes the event seem more enjoyable for everyone.

A medical marketing incentive can come in the form of coupons or even discounts for purchases. If a medical facility wants to save money on office supplies or hospital bills, the marketer can create discount coupons so that individuals who visit the facility will be encouraged to use them. This kind of marketing can prove to be a very effective method of garnering new customers. However, since most coupons are given out to people who already frequent the clinic, the marketer has to make sure that the vouchers are worth spending on in the first place.

Another way of using incentives in incentivized marketing deals is to get the target market to play a role in the overall campaign. For example, if a program offers free trips to a resort for some people, those people might be more likely to buy from that company. Of course, the medical facility shouldn't expect any sales from these people but simply provide them with the option to travel for free. The same idea works for any other offer made to the target market. Incentives can even be given based on different discounts or perks the hospital or medical center has to offer.

Since most of the effort in any incentive marketing strategy deals with getting customers involved, the facilities should think about how they can keep their current customers satisfied as well. Any incentive plan should involve the need for customers to contact the business in order to receive these free or discounted treatments. Centers should encourage existing customers to talk about the value of the program by offering either a discount or a coupon. This will get them to continue to patronize the organization while also building up loyalty among the customer base. This is a good way of ensuring that new customers won't feel left out either.

The attractiveness of an incentivized marketing mix includes the ability to offer benefits to customers while also measuring customer satisfaction. This ensures that the incentives are working to promote the success of the entire program rather than just benefiting a small portion of its target customers. If done correctly, these strategies could provide excellent return on investment. Facilities should use these methods often to create new business and increase revenues.