The Wicklow Way – Ireland’s Most Famous Trail

Ireland's countryside is a patchwork of many different landscapes with some massive and hilly areas.

The most famous and impressive area is just south of Ireland's capital Dublin, in County Wicklow. You will find many large stretches of charming unspoiled mountain trails even though it's close to the city. You can also look for the tours of Wicklow Way online.

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Five Days Walk

Start the 132 km Wicklow Way in Rathfarnham, south of Dublin, and travel southwest across the highlands of Dublin and Wicklow.

You walk through the amazing rolling hill country of southwest County Wicklow and the trail ends in the small village County Carlow of Clonegal.

The Trail

Wicklow Way is a nice and well-marked trail. There are some tough sections graded to put a stop to erosion.

Back in the early 19th century, the British built the Military Road to get rid of the rebels who were hiding in the hills. You will walk parts of this road during the Wicklow Way.

Sometimes you will find yourself off the forest trail and cut off from spectacular views to avoid crossing private land.

Practical Tips

You can walk the Wicklow Way the whole year-round. Ireland is known for its rainy days, so you'll need a proper set of waterproofs.

Plan your walk ahead to avoid disappointments over public transport. Most hoteliers are very hospitable and will offer you transport on short distances.