Top 2 Forms Of CBD Concentrates

CBD concentrates come in several different forms. Below, we provide information on some of the most popular forms of CBD extracts.


As its name suggests, wax has a soft, oily consistency similar to candle wax. Typically, wax is created through the process of butane or CO2 extraction. CO2 extraction, however, best Sativa concentrates currently remains the most popular option in the industry as it can create clean, high-quality wax with a potency ranging between 65 and 90 percent CBD. 

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In addition to CBD, wax often includes an array of other compounds and synergistic phytochemicals such as terpenes, flavonoids, sterols, and natural waxes from the hemp plant from which it was extracted. In terms of appearance, wax generally has a darker, yellowish color. 

Because wax is often highly sticky, most users handle it using a dabbing tool. That being said, CBD wax concentrates can range from having a sticky texture like honey, to a crumblier texture depending on the variation. 


Budder is a variation of a wax CBD concentrate. It has a gooey consistency and is created from oils that are rich in moisture. The process of creating a budder involves purging the CBD extract at a higher temperature and air pressure during the final stage of extraction.

Then, the substance gets whipped vigorously to remove the solvent. In doing so, a fluffier, creamier texture that resembles butter—as its name suggests—is added to the wax CBD concentrate. Like wax, budder is typically created using a butane or CO2 extraction process and, thus, has a similar potency.