Various Kind of Portable Cranes to Hire

There are two types of cranes when it comes to heavy equipment: stationary and portable. These two types can be further sub-categorized to create several sub-groups like hydraulic truck cranes or intelligent lifting devices. You can easily click on the website to know about portable cranes services.


This article will only discuss the various portable cranes available. No matter what type, all cranes must have a boom that is mounted to a platform. The portable pickup truck cranes, portable gantry cranes, and rough terrain cranes will be discussed first.

We will first discuss the truck-mounted or portable pickup truck cranes. These are probably the most popular. This machine consists of a crane mounted on a truck carrier. This combination allows for maximum mobility.

Although the typical gantry crane can only be moved by a crane, there are a number of mobile cranes that can travel on trains. These cranes are mounted on either a monogirder or a double beam. 

The frame is supported by a gantry system that uses beams and wheels to allow it to move along train tracks. They are available in a variety of sizes and can be used to perform many different tasks.

Some can carry heavy loads, such as those at shipyards, while others are better suited for smaller tasks. The container crane is one of the most popular examples. It is used to load and unload freight ships.

Another popular option is the rough terrain portable crane. The crane is mounted on top of an all-terrain undercarriage. It has four rubber tires that are heavy and designed for use in operations where the machine will need to travel off-road.