Ways You Should Be Using Email In Your Business

E-mail marketing is always one of the most used marketing tools. Almost every day, there are articles in publications and corporate websites that share erroneous and misleading information regarding email marketing.

Even with all existing technological and social media platforms, email always plays an important role and acts as a gateway from most social media sites. Without an e-mail address, potential users can not access certain sites or can not use the full sites. If you want to get more information about email tracking then you can visit at https://followup.cc/.

Almost all the transactions you do online require to share an email address to complete your transaction. If your goal is to make free purchase or download software, most websites will ask you to share your email address with them.

Email is integrated into our lives. It is on our cell phones and most forms of paper we fill these days. So, the email does not go for something soon. We will use an email for a long time to come. There has been no technology to replace it.

Revenue, perspective and monitoring studies have shown that it takes 7 to 12 follow-up contacts to convert an advance or perspective into a sale. Whether this contact is made via phone, mail, fax, in person or by email, the studies show that it will take up to 12 follow-up contacts to sell.