What exactly does Botox do? Learn how Botox works

Botox is a protein. It is a small sum of a highly purified protein. There are no bacteria in bottled Botox. Confusion is related to the way Botox is created. This disorder, botulism, is caused by bacteria that produce considerable amounts of different proteins that would be the same all the time. You may check out the various websites for the best online botox courses in California.

When Botox is created, protein "A" is extracted, purified, and simply quantified. A bottle of Botox has approximately 5 billionths of a gram of protein which is quite pure.

What exactly happens when Botox is injected?

The extension of the Botox is approximately 1 cm. Each spreads beyond 1 cm so modestly that you have very little chance of getting anything. This protein is subsequently absorbed in the intestines which are 1 cm from the injection site.

During the next 15 minutes, the Botox protein, inside the guts, found a different protein called SNAP-25, attached to it, and split it. Within this procedure, the Botox itself sucks. To put it another way, after 15 minutes the Botox IS GONE.

Botox only works on the muscles under the skin, not the skin. This is exactly why Botox is unlikely to remove wrinkles from the skin. Relax the muscles so that the skin does not move as much.