What is Recycled Toilet Paper?

Many people are attracted to recycled toilet paper because they see it as a more environmentally friendly option than regular rolls. But what is it really? Doesn't the whole concept sound a bit bad? 

Luckily, you don't have to worry about that. It turns out that towels are a possible end-use of the fibres used in paper products and generally cannot be recycled. This means that recycled toilet paper does not actually contain used toilet paper, but is made from other recycled materials. These recycled materials are post-consumption or pre-consumption materials. You can browse sheetglory.com/products/premium-100-Bamboo-Toilet-Paper to get recycled toilet paper.

Materials according to consumption

It is a material that is reused once it reaches its original consumer destination instead of throwing it in the trash. Consumables commonly found in recycled toilet paper include recycled paper products such as books, newspapers, magazines, etc. Who knows, maybe recycled toilet paper will make us smarter!


Pre-consumed recycled materials, also known as industrial waste, are residues that have not been "used up" by the end-user. The inputs for recycled toilet paper can be waste and residue from wood production, wood from landfills or previously unused paper products.

If you look at different brands of toilet paper at the grocery store, you'll likely find recycled toilet paper made entirely from recycled materials, entirely from consumables, or even a combination of both. You can also find products that contain a mix of recycled fibre and raw fibre, i.e. only part of it is made up of recycled materials.