What You Should Know About Fridge Parts

Fridges are built with many different parts like compressor, condenser, refrigerant, etc. How well do we know our fridge parts? Our fridge needs all the necessary components to operate. With only one component missing, it ceases to work this way.

The basic concept of a fridge is that the evaporation of the liquid is used to absorb heat, creating a cooling temperature. To preserve ingredients and food inside the fridge, refrigerant is utilized for extremely low temperatures. In his article, you will get to know some basic fridge parts:


Here are some basic refrigerator components:

1. Compressor,

2. Heat Exchanging Pipe

3. Refrigerant – The most integral part of the cooling system, it undergoes various changes from gaseous to liquid. 

Most fridges utilize pure ammonia as a refrigerant, as it evaporates at 27 ° or negative 32 ° C. Earlier fridge models use fluorocarbons or CFCs but have turned to ammonia due to the harmful effects on the environment. How can the refrigerator work? It essentially starts at the breaker, in which it compresses the refrigerant to improve the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant. The heating pipe located outside the device allows the refrigerant to circulate heat.

The refrigerant moves out of the high-pressure zone to the reduced pressure zone. This will cause the liquid to enlarge and evaporate. Through evaporation, heat is consumed, producing cold temperatures. The bicycle repeats around again.

It's important to know how the fridge functions and its essential parts, so that in the event of the freezer breaking down your refrigerator, you are going to learn the steps required to fix your appliance. If your fridge is broken, then you don't need to obtain a new one — you can just replace the part that's broken.