Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing – Control Over Your Environment

Often, we discuss the subject of control and why it is very important for so many people. Control is a positive thing and everyone has full and complete control over their lives, whether they believe it or not. However, it is a feeling of control that comes and goes, and can cause irrational behavior to get it back.

Many individuals feel that control is something that they should have a lot of or not very much of,  and the reason they feel like this varies, depending on their care and what they have learned from life.  Fortunately, many individuals believe in this, and they live their lives with few hiccups or bumps in the road.

Employees are tested in the workplace because they may lose control over themselves if they abuse drugs or alcohol and they would not therefore be thinking rationally during this time.  You can also opt for onsite workplace drug & alcohol testing in Ballarat, Bendigo, Horsham, Melbourne and state wise. 

Workplace drug testing exists for two reasons: so that your employees are monitored with respect to how much control they have over themselves, and so that you gain that imperceptible but very real feeling of knowing that you are in charge and that you have scientific data to back up any decisions you may make concerning their employment. Employee drug screening works as a security net for you and for your employees.